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Kenneth Sawby

September 3, 1937 ~ June 3, 2018 (age 80)

Kenneth ( NicknameKemo) James Sawby was born first son to Vernon & Olga Sawby at the Maple Creek Hospital on  September 03, 1937 and passed away on June 03, 2018.

He is survived by his wife Pauline

His first daughter Samantha (Quinton) and their children Logyn and Maverick

His second daughter Renee' (Todd) and their children Sydney and Trey

His one son Jason (Laura) and their son Jaydon

His brother Elwood-Peanut (Amy) and their children Shannon, Sherri, and Jim

His sister Ellaine (Gordon) and their Children JJ and BJ

Vernon and Olga, along with their new son Ken, resided with Grandparents

Oscar & Dora Sawby at the family farm located 8 miles South of Golden

Prairie.  Later Oscar and Dora would  move to Maple Creek, and Ken would

grow up and remain on the family farm until him and Pauline moved to their

new home in Maple Creek on November 2009, making way for their son

Jason to carry on a 3rd generation family farm.

In Ken's early years he attended grade one at Thunder Hill School.

In Grade two, since his teacher resided with the Sawby family,  students

received their education partly at the Sawby Farm, and partly at Thunder Hill School.

In Grade 3 Ken attended School at Golden Praire and continued his

education in Golden Prairie until he took his Grade 10 education at Maple Creek.

After one year, Ken returned to Golden Prairie to complete his grades 11 and 12.

Following graduation Ken attended the School of Agriculture in Saskatoon for two years.

On October 17, 1964 Ken and Pauline were married, and moved to the family farm.

Ken and Pauline had three children.  Samantha born 1967, Renee' 1969 , and

Jason 1971.

Ken had an amazing gift to fix and make things from hundreds of ideas

floating around in his mind.   He ran a small business at the farm displaying

these talents.  Many times Ken's own work was put on hold to weld something

up for a neighbor in need.  He never had the attitude: thats not my problem.

He did however, have a way of asking you “how the hell did you wreck that”?            

On June 14, 1980 Ken opened SKYLAND Manufacturing in Maple Creek 

with an open house and dine and dance to follow in the evening.  Ken would

manufacture Jackboots, Trimming chutes,  Hopper Bottoms for Grain Bins,

and introduce a new Grain Handling System.  In 1982 Skyland

Manufacturing was one of 400 exhibits at the Western Canada

Farm Progress show.  At the show, 3 exhibitors received recognition for new inventions.

Skyland Manufacturing received second place for their new grain handling concept.

He would go on to build pretty much anything you could dream of, including

a stage for the Hootinany in the Hills.  His works remain on display

throughout his farm, and within many surrounding communities.

His talents and abilities landed him multiple appearances on The Prairie Farm Report.

Ken always held high regards for Eugene Eckart as his mentor.

Ken loved and prided his farm.  Groomed lawns, heated swimming pool, and

cabanas made the Sawby farm the envy of local farms.  He was one of the

first farms to have a JohnDeere D tractor and a first series JohnDeere pull-

type combine.

Ken is a honorary member of the Kinsmen and was elected Governor of the

Kinsmen in 1972-1973.

Ken received his 25 year medallion from AA on June 23, 2017 and was a

proud sponsor for others.  He always had time to help those whom needed

him at crucial times.

Ken always laughed about one day when a police officer pulled him over and

asked him if he had been drinking.  Ken told him he is the most sober guy he

will ever stop, proudly noting that he had not had a drink for over 25 years.

Ken was an avid curler and deerly enjoyed the sport.  He frequently attended

the Summer Bonspiel in Nelson B.C.  His highlight  moments were victories

over Ed Lukowich and Paul Gowsell.

One of  his teammates over those years was long time friend Quado Heller. 

Imagine if you can, after a game Ken and Quado discussing politics over  a

shot of whiskey.

In later years Ken became a hockey fan.  He loved to watch his grandchildren

play.  He would never miss a home game and without question was their

number one fan.  Even on their worst outings, in Ken's eyes they were the

best player on the ice, and he would let them know how proud he was of


Ken and Pauline travelled and enjoyed vacations in Tahiti, the Barbados

Islands, and returned many times to his favorite spot Maui, for family

vacations.  Ken was an original shareholder, and part of the groundbreaking

for the resort Kapulanakui.  He always loved Hawaii.

In his travel to Mardi Gras he met Louis Armstrong at the French Quarters.

Their conversation led them to discover that Louis knew where Piapot,

Saskatchewan was.  It seems as though Louis Armstrong hunted upland game

in the Piapot area. 

Its a small world.

Ken also met Connie Francis in LosAngeles.  He managed to sit with her

parents and emphasized to us that he has never heard a more beautiful

rendition of Blue Byou.

The Myrol Reunion was founded at Outlook Regional Park in 1977.  It is the

concensus that over the years Ken owns the best attendance, as family can

only remember him missing one reunion.

He loved to tell stories at these events and like everyone there, would join in, 

and dearly enjoyed the musical talents of theMyrol family.

Ken's BBQ will remain a part of Myrol Reunions for many more years to

come, it became a part of the reunion after a power failure left the gang

hungry at one reunion.  Ken vowed and kept to his word that never again will

the Myrol reunion not be able to cook because there is no power.

Ken loved his dogs, and they loved him more.  He is now reunited with his old

friends Shep, Stumpy, Bandit, and Luke.

Ken was most proud of his 1959 Buick Electra 225 convertable.  He took what

appeared to be a pile of junk with a tree growing up through the middle of it,

and with vision and determination gave life to the beautiful car you see today. 

He was very proud of the many awards he accumulated one car show after


Ken was a colorful man and had many sayings that he would use to tell a

story.  Some you might remember

- I'm busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest

- I'm up to my ass in alligators

- Assumption is the mother of all screw ups.

- Two women you never piss off (Mother Nature and Lady Luck)

One time he said he had a bumper crop.  You drive into it and it just touches the bumper.

At the end of a story,  it was difficult to determine if it was truth or fiction,

but it was always entertaining.

There are many terms that you could use to describe Ken, but his friends always say generous.

Friends tell of stories where he would offer you anything he had if you needed

it, including his new cars.

Ken and Pauline entertained friends at the farm many times and Fondu was

often the theme.  Let's not forget about Ken's famous two-fingered drinks.

After Ken and Pauline's move to Maple Creek,  Ken remained active on the

farm until  he could not do it any longer.  This was very difficult for him. 

When Ken was not at the farm he could be found in his backyard workshop

(Kens Cave) as this was his Happy Place.  Know that he loved his coffee visits

with all his community friends, and would return home with laughs and

stories.  Thanks to his Round Up friends that sang him Happy Birthday on

his 80th birthday.  He told us many times how much he loved that.

Ken had a great appreciation for other cultures and especially enjoyed tasting

their delecacies.  He loved German, Ukrainian, Native, Chineese, and

Norwegian traditions like Lefsa and Ludafish.  If you can believe this,  Ken

was able to convince  Azeka's Market in Hawaii to share a private teriyaki

sauce recipe.

Ken never stopped learning .  He watched the Discovery Channel and other

learning   channels daily.  He always would read for knowledge, and enjoyed

magazines like Popular Mechanics, Lee Valley Workholding Solutions, Handy

Man, Antique Tractor, American Woodworking, and Home Workshop.  He

loved books of information of places around the world.  When Ken died we

lost a wealth of knowledge.

Ken wanted to return one last time to Hawaii  before he parted, but unfortunately his time was too short. 

We know he is there now, so to you Ken !


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